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Mara Soto

Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Through my journey as an industrial engineer and instructional designer I have learned that the key of success for any organization is to promote a continuous learning culture where everybody has the opportunity to grow and succeed.  But learning should be fun, desirable yet effective.  This motivation led me to start my own business as Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer… with creativity and technology we can achieve great things! 


I have a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering (1997) and a master degree in Instructional Design & Technology Integration with eLearning (2014).  The combination of these two disciplines allows me to apply scientific thinking, learning strategies and educational technology to solve performance gaps and unleash people’s potential resulting in outstanding business results. In addition to that, I have over 20 years of experience working several roles as subject matter expert, manager, trainer, and consultant in the manufacturing industry, including pharmaceuticals, consumer products, biotech, and liquor.

I enjoy being a resource that can help organizations to succeed and reach their goals by providing effective learning experiences for their people.  Through the design and development of meaningful, memorable and motivational content your learners will have the opportunity to grow, develop new skills and feel ready to commit and collaborate within their teams.


I’d love to speak with you.  Please contact me and let me help you find a suitable solution for your learning needs. 

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