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Do you want to start an online academy for your employees or clients?

Do you need to improve the effectiveness of your current online courses by adding meaningful learning activities into the content?

Do you want to boost your people’s performance by providing them accessible online resources, such as explainer videos or tutorials?

Do you need to convert an Instructor-led Training into an eLearning Course?


E-learning courses are a flexible yet powerful solution to achieve an effective skill transfer through meaningful, memorable and motivational learning experiences.


  • Content Design for Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and eLearning Courses

  • Development of training material and assessment activities for ILT and eLearning Courses

  • Conversion of an ILT to an eLearning Course

  • Creation of Explainer Videos and Tutorials

  • Development of Interactive Software Training

  • Setup of Learning Management System (LMS) for Small Business and Academic Institutions


We feel confident to apply what we were taught if the learning activities were related to our current work context. A meaningful learning experience will expose the trainee to real work situations or challenges through storytelling and branching scenarios in which he or she will make a decision to resolve it.  A challenge encourages the learner to find out the best way to overcome it while realizing the effects of each decision. The beauty of it… the learner is able to make corrections. Isn’t it the way how we really learn?


You are more likely to remember something that you practiced several times than something you just read.  Through simulations and interactive activities the learner is able to practice new skills in a similar work scenario before executing in the field.  And, through refreshers, which are short and frequent recalls of key information, the skill transfer process is enhanced resulting in performance improvement. We can do better when we can recall and apply what we learned.  


You are in a hurry all day long and you need to complete the new procedure training by the end of the day. What would be your choice? A long dry text to read or an animated video with some interactions that guides you through the How To? Let’s be honest! We prefer engaging content that keeps us motivated from start to end providing us an authentic learning experience. Keep your learner inspired, committed, and ready to put in practice all of what he/she learned!

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